2014 year of successful corporation

Our company had closed a productive year in 2014. In cooperation with the countryside Airport Alliance and Hungary’s small airports operators, the Fire Dragon Fighters Co.  have finished the education of 15 airport firemen.

The process of the training had a long preparation before it had begun. Our company made researches in our country’s market, to get to those suppliers who can bring us the  highest quality, most advanced devices and equipments so that Fire Dragon Fighters Co. can produce and provide students the very best there is. This was the hardest part to achive since before us no one had given services like this. It was only available at western european companies.  At the end of the season we can proudly say that the trust and potential in our providers and suppliers were all well placed because our training airplane has many unique innovations.

Naturaly, next to the producing of our training device we also prepaired constantly for our academic education’s  fluent process. With both the Hungarian and International companies educators we were tying to achive that our students can get basics that they can use to help them complete their training. Our book was based ont he well known Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting organization’s books wich our company have bought.

After these preparations the academic education had started at Péri airport. During the presentations the tutors showed students the international airports physical particularities, the Airplanes detailed constracts, the summary of exigency communication, the basics knowledge of the Airport Firefighters and also the airplane’s event examination documentations.

The training started at the third week of december after a long consultation. The weather had shown its thousand faces to our students, fogs and raining made it challenging to put out fires. During the training the firemen had worked together with real firefighters from Győr-Moson-Sopron shire, making it possible to recreate real life situations they had to save the fakely injured. At the end of the training the team had to solve a complex situation where they had to use all their knowledge they gathered during the training.

A member of the air ministry was there and after we gave the licenses he rated the training succesful. We would like to thank the acting manager of the air ministry (András Farkas ) for giving us occupational directions, and for making it possible for us to firstly in our country and in Eastern-Europe, Fire Dragon Fighters Co can give quality education. For his work and for our respect for him we named our Airplane FA-FDF.

We would also like to thank our partners , who supported our work in this season and we wish a succesful and productive new year! Also we hope that Fire Dragon Fighters Co. can work together with them int he near future.