Traditional race debut in our company!

By the main directory of the Nation Wide Disaster Recovery in this year again the XI. Hungarian Nation Wide Firefighter Competition was arranged. The competition was in Komárom’s Monostor Fortress.

19 team participated and challenged each-other to see who is the most trained crew int he country. In this year the Fire Dragon Fighters Hungary Co. provided the hardest challenge for our modern day fireman. Before the competition the main directory of the Nation Wide Disaster Recovery was searching for fire simulating devices and euqipments that can prove a challenge to the firefighters. For this our company created a helicopter that can not only simulate fire but it can recreate different kind of explosions wich the fireman have to fight. During the challenge the judges were surveyling the competiting team’s tactics. The approach, the extinguishing and the rescue of the doll seemed a real challnge for the teams.

The FDF. Hungary’s main acting manager Zoltán Komár summerized the events of the three days.

2014 year of successful corporation

Our company had closed a productive year in 2014. In cooperation with the countryside Airport Alliance and Hungary’s small airports operators, the Fire Dragon Fighters Co.  have finished the education of 15 airport firemen.

The process of the training had a long preparation before it had begun. Our company made researches in our country’s market, to get to those suppliers who can bring us the  highest quality, most advanced devices and equipments so that Fire Dragon Fighters Co. can produce and provide students the very best there is. This was the hardest part to achive since before us no one had given services like this. It was only available at western european companies.  At the end of the season we can proudly say that the trust and potential in our providers and suppliers were all well placed because our training airplane has many unique innovations.


The Fire Dragon Fighters Hungary Co. was founded in 2013. The goal of this company is to give airport firefighters a deep, expansive and special training program about how or what tactics should be used incase of an airport disaster or crisis. Here in Hungary we are educating  fireman the best methods that should be used in a situation for saving and also giving a summary of our knowledge.

It has come to our attention that in our counry no one really had given any deeper or acceptable education including national defense and disaster recovery, only foreign countries had this kind of knowledge that could give that level of acceptance to many international corporation’s demands and quotes.